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"Somewhere my love / Lara's Theme"  101 Strings Orchestra  from the 1965 movie  Dr. Zhivago


Val is Short for Valuable

Val is the class act, counselor, wife and mother. A classic dresser, she prefers Chanel suits, designer hats and jewels set in white gold. Her hair is worn in a chignon. Quiet and reserved, Val is dignified, a bit of a perfectionist, and is the social secretary. She enjoys entertaining in an elegant style, is well mannered and knows proper etiquette and always, the right thing to say. Val’s voice is well modulated; she is quiet and adept at meeting other people’s needs. A wise counselor, Val does volunteer work and helps her community. She is an attentive listener.

Each day brings a morning walk and yoga. A vegetarian, Val has a Vatic type constitution. Her household is clean, bright and cheery with a place for everything and everything in its place. She can be a nit-picking, Cancer-Virgo personality with an overblown penchant for correctness.

Favoring Grace Kelly, Val is something of an ice maiden herself. Living only when necessary, she is the surface, social, proper societal self. Definitely not our favorite persona, she keeps house and supports her VIP husband. Val is also the nurturing mother. I feel rather sad for Val because she receives so little validation, recognition or support.

Employable anywhere as an efficiency expert, Val is in charge of seeing that all the others’ needs are met. She is fastidious, responsible, dutiful, loyal, graceful and gracious. An anglophile, she loves everything British. Scottish tartans send her into ecstasy. Classical music, either Beethoven, Mozart or Brahms will do. Bring her White Shoulder’s perfume and take her to High Tea. Remember white lace doilies as under liners on saucers. (The noise of clinking china brings on headaches.) Don’t forget the blush-colored roses…her favorites.