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From way back when

Here's to you, Matey!  Enjoy the music.


    Until now,  What a looong, strange trip it's been...


Some music that I like is below. Maybe you will, too. 
"Brownsville / Mockingbird" by Joy of Cooking
from Joy of Cooking
Country rock and soul at its best.
"Handsome Johnie / Freedom"  by Richie Havens from Woodstock
This is a bodacious rocking piece.  
"Man of Constant Sorrow" by Dan Tyminski from "Oh Brother, Where art Thou"

"Tabla Solo in Ektal" by Ravi Shankar from The Monterey
International Pop Festival
Drumming that makes you lose track...

"Children's House" by Joy of Cooking from Joy of Cooking  
This should bring tears to your eyes.

"Summertime"  by Janis Joplin from Cheap Thrills
Just plain old Janis soul
"Summertime" by Cleo Laine & Ray Charles from Porgy and Bess
Another kind of soul.

"Oh, Doctor Jesus"  Cleo Laine/ Ray Charles from Porgy and Bess
This is purely beautiful.
"Stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues again"  Bob Dylan  from Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
"Just like Tom Thumb's Blues"  Bob Dylan  from Bob Dylan's Greatest Hits
"Ganges Delta Blues"  by Ry Cooder and V.M. Bhatt from A Meeting by the River
Rock and roll meets the Ganges - doesn't get any
"Single petal of a Rose"  saxophone by Ben Webster from See you at the fair
Soulful saxophone to make you weep.
"Soul Sacrifice" by Santana from Woodstock
Rock and roll - Oh my God
"Trouble comin' every day" by Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention -  Freak Out
The original rap piece by a white boy from Baltimore.
"Burnin down the house" by Bonnie Raitt from Road Tested
"Late in the evening"  by Paul Simon from "Negotiations and Love songs 1971-1986"