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Learn a new word every week.

SING VERY, VERY LOUD!! ‘Specially in your Swing.

Make lots of tree friends and visit them often.

Make sure you remember their names.

Take Gifts On Their birthdays!


Only Grow Gardenia’s.

Watch Humbling-birds…Every Spring.

Learn to say, “LOVE” and “PEACE”, in every language.


“Do What You Tell You To.”

Enjoy Rocks but don’t bring any home. They don’t like being moved.

Get real muddy then go bathe in the creek, at Sunset.

Get a Moon tan…All Over!

Always Follow Bugs…On All Fours.

Watch the Sunrise, every morning.

Eat Crispy Crème doughnuts. Sometimes.

SKIP WHENEVER YOU CAN…. Dance When You Can’t!

Look FORWARD as much as BACKWARD… but… Be Here NOW.

Only Be Three!

Re-name Yourself.

Buy 365 different crayons and a book to put ‘em in.

Play hopscotch and marbles on the sidewalk. After Dark.

Give your car a name.

Learn the Two-step and the cotton-eyed Joe.

Listen to Lots of Music, ‘Specially When You Eat.

Keep time with your WHOLE Body!

Eat lots of sour-grass and day lilies but make jelly with violets.

Sit on lots of creek banks and dig lots of worms…then put ‘em back!

Chase Lizards. But DON’T eat any!!

Follow all Fairies but don’t pick Flowers…It Hurts Them!

If you fall down, kiss Yourself a Lot.

Buy Gold Stars and give them all to You. Well, maybe one for your Mother.

O.K., one for your Daddy…but that’s ALL!!!


Say“PLEASE” and “THANK YOU” to GOD and GODDESS, every single day!

Talk to yourself, even if you won’t listen.

Don’t forget to say, “I Love You!” over and over until you remember it.

Wear lots of purple, with checks, polka dots and stripes.

Carry Yellow Umbrellas…but always walk in the Rain!

SHARE YOUR GUM WITH YOUR DOG! (His teeth are stronger and when you put it back in your mouth, it’ll be softer!)

Cry a Lot but…Giggle More

Never Poop In Public!!

‘Fectionately, POOKIE

Please come to see me, and bring a friend !
"I hope you dance"  Lee Ann Womack  from I Hope You Dance
Poffles is Pookie's invisible
She Hawke's first painting

"Forever Young"  by Joan Baez from Diamonds and Rust

Pookie the Playful

She’s two and purrific! Loves warm, fuzzy anything but prefers teddy bears. Pookie wears her hair in side ponytails with colorful hair-ties. She loves all colors, prefers none, but is partial to cotton candy pink.

Often disheveled and wrinkled with her last meal staining her clothes, she wears whatever catches her eye that day. Pookie is allergic to polyester so her favorite shirts (the ones with teddy-bear logos) have to be 100% cotton. So do her elastic waistband pants.

Pookie is usually hot and sweaty. Totally into play she loves to paint, dribble mud, color and climb trees. She is easily startled, but then, will often bliss out on whatever is happening in the moment. Anything fascinates her.

Pookie loves all other two and three-year-olds, no matter their chronological age. A squirming ball of energy of all kinds, particularly emotional, she doesn’t have many boundaries. Pookie is totally innocent and blatantly speaks her mind to any who will listen, assuming the world is there for her enjoyment and pleasure. She has bright, crinkly, chestnut eyes and talks with a lisp out of the side of her mouth.

She carries a fuzzy, pink teddy bear backpack-purse wherever she goes. Pookie is festive and loves all pansies, particularly the yellow and purple ones with the little old Frodo-faces. Pookie loves Frodo, E.T. and Giggles Galore, her invisible friend who accompanies all her adventures.

Pookie is crazy about puppies…all breeds. She dictates, “Pookie-isms,” which are written down by her Papa. He’s her favorite human. Pookie loves polka dots, checks, plaids and primary colors, preferably all in the same outfit, and singing to the top of her lungs in her swing.

Easily distracted, Pookie can be tricked by almost anything, which she finds hilarious. But her favorite expression is a resounding, “NO!” which she declares with arms crossed over her chest, head shaking defiantly. It is usually followed by frowning and, “Pookie don’t like dat!”

She is most often found bouncing on the sofa, wriggling, clapping or rolling around on the floor to see how many different ways she can play with her feet, toes and fingers. Pookie is irritable when tired, fights sleep and hates naps.

Her favorite movies are, Mrs. Doubtfire and The Earthling, which was William Holden’s last movie. Her most favorite thing is bubble baths and sharing her gum with her dog. She sings herself to sleep with, “Jesus Loves Me!”