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"Sumerian sundance"  from The Sensual Art of Bellydance
The twins Flavia and Phaedra appeared next. They danced in, fingers snapping, hips shimmying and bellies rolling to an Arabic dumbek drum, the eleven-stringed oud and wailing flute, with sporadic zill solos.

Not too surprising, since Phaedra had been my stage name during my performing years. Flavia was Phaedra’s daytime personality. They were ‘Glitz and Glamour’ personified. Both loved gold and silver lame, stiletto heels in black poie-de-soie and rhinestones on everything. Low cleavage gowns in sparkling fabrics, slit up the sides to show off legs, were their trademarks. Phaedra always wore a black Cleopatra wig but Flavia preferred platinum blonde.

Flavia shines in jazz bars with soft piano music backing up a low, moaning saxophone. She loves slow dancing and sensually rubbing bodies. You’ll find her in glistening knits, flowing chiffons and exotic silks and satins. Her nails are long and red; she has masses of wild, tangled curls and shoulder-length diamond earrings. Flavia is always tanned. Feed her gourmet foods along with Veuve Clicquot champagne under the bright, neon, up-town city lights. Red poppies are Flavia’s flowers. She listens to Roberta Flack, Cleo Laine and Barbara Streisand. Give her a penthouse on 5th Avenue and wrap her in furs. She’s a Leo Lady; so bring lots of cash for this arm candy.

Phaedra is all performer. Cher has nothing on her. She loves everything dramatic or Egyptian; stripes, long flowing gahleebeyahs, dance costumes with sixteen inch, beaded fringes, coins and other noise-makers. Phaedra prefers Middle-Eastern food and music but any drum solo can animate her, as can soulful harp or soaring flutes and violins. Phaedra always wears an aquamarine navel stone as she moves like a snake, grinding out exotic figure eights with her hips, thighs and breasts.

Phaedra is sensuous, Venusian and sultry. She loves belly dance and ethnic garb, and her bed is draped in pure-white, flowing chiffon, tent-style. In it, she is pure Bedouin Princess. Air is Phaedra’s element. She’s a number eight. Phaedra never speaks but she has been known to mime.