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Monday 12/17/2018 13:54:14 CST
Thank you for visiting my site. Here you can leave your comments.
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7 Judy Winder
Location: Picayune, Ms

Friday 08/20/2010 08:17:57 CDT
Hey Dear One,Got the book today.Thank you so much.The cover is BEAUTIFUL!!Looks just like you.I will read a little along.I can't sit still long enough to read it all at one time,even though I know it will be good.I've already read My Darling goes home.It really tore me up.The tears came.I know it was the worse thing you've ever went thru.I hope I never have to face that.I'm so sorry you did.Take care and know that you're in my thoughts and always have been.Keep up the good work.I hope this book will be a best seller.You deserve it for all your hard work.Don too!!! I love you lot's,Judy
6 Jordan banish

Sunday 08/01/2010 12:03:04 CDT
:DD 6(^)6 :lol: b(^) :)) :P( :P| :P) 8-D i love this website so much and i love the person who write it
5 Judy Willis Winder
Location: Picayune,Ms

Tuesday 07/27/2010 21:06:38 CDT
Sarah,I loved the beautiful pictures and music.I wish you and Don the best with your great book!!!Love you lot's,Judy
4 Staci
Location: Wilmington, NC

Sunday 07/25/2010 18:31:00 CDT
Love the quirky photo images on your page Uncle Don & the music is wonderful!

Love to you Uncle Don & Aunt Sarah.

3 Marge M
Location: Atlanta

Wednesday 05/26/2010 20:21:00 CDT
8-D Amazing collection of characters and loved the music. Looking forward to the book.

2 Chaz
Location: durham, nc

Friday 04/09/2010 13:18:49 CDT
thank you sarah for your support and love as I seek my Inner/spirit guide and heal my deepest wound
1 Denise
Location: Australia

Sunday 04/04/2010 07:24:36 CDT
6(^)6 Tres Bien!! Uplifting music, gorgeous pictures...You are hot!!! Can't wait to read

all the shivery, scary insanity that transformation

propels you through. Congratulations on your return.

Thanks for sharing your journey with me. Denise