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Thursday 04/18/2019 07:56:55 CDT
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19 jacquie darby
Location: edmonton alberta

Tuesday 06/16/2015 19:23:21 CDT
I think of you many times and remember you and wonder how you are........and, and, and.

Would you believe that I/we have 7 great grandchildren now......the newest one is a girl......she's a beauty.....!

I want you to know that I think about you often and I will always remember our meeting in Ontario.....now quite a few years ago.

lots of love,

jacquie :-)
18 eveefaranisa

Monday 05/18/2015 23:38:03 CDT
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17 eveefaranisa

Monday 05/18/2015 22:53:35 CDT
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16 eveefaranisa

Saturday 05/16/2015 03:04:41 CDT
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Tuesday 05/12/2015 21:51:33 CDT
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14 Robert Morga
Location: Pa.

Saturday 04/11/2015 00:58:42 CDT
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13 Jacquie Darby
Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Tuesday 02/24/2015 16:52:58 CST
I still think of you often and remember with love and joy our meeting in Ontario some years ago. Our journeys seemed so similar. How are you my friend....say hello to Don.
12 Michelle Kimble
Location: Durham,NC

Monday 04/25/2011 11:23:17 CDT
My Glorious Sister Queen~

I finished the book - on all days - your birthday!! Whoo!!! What a ride! You took me through all of my emotions, and did it in such a personal, fabulous way. But then, you always have a way of making me laugh and allowing me to cry whenever I need to.

Your story is told with great heart and intelligence ~ which clearly doesn't surprise me. What an gift and honor to benefit from some of your experiences, to read about those parts of your life before I knew you. I was right - I was sad when the book ended. When is the sequel?!

Indeed, Dearheart, what a pleasure and a gift to be able to share in this life's journey with you! You have been and continue to be such a blessing! I'm looking forward to lots more! =)

May God continue to bless you richly and abundantly, my friend!



Psalm 143:8

"Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you.

Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life."
11 Michelle Kimble
Location: Durham,NC

Wednesday 04/06/2011 21:47:49 CDT
Sarah ~ Just a quick note ~ What fun we had today - as usual-and I have your book, at last! I can hardly wait to read it! More soon...

Much love,

Michelle =)
10 Jordan banish
Location: jaffery NH

Friday 11/05/2010 18:26:09 CDT
:DD i love you gaga and papa!!!

love jords 6(^)6 :DD B-) :lol: **)
9 Bill Campbell
Location: Portland, Oregon

Friday 10/15/2010 14:19:12 CDT
Dear Sarah SheHawke,

Reading this book wasn't easy! I can barely imagine actually living it ...as you have. It made me sleepless some nights...uncomfortable...saying: "naawwwwwww" that really couldn't happen! Good Lord Sarah...you sure have experienced life in ways unimaginable...and, look at how beautiful you (still) are! Truly amazing stuff. As an old friend in Alabama reminds me: "Everyone knows what to do with the bear, but the one thats got him!" You have endured. The Donmeister too! Thank you for sharing your truth. Thank you for challenging me to find comfort in knowing there is so much more than eyesight alone shows. You are courageous. Your story can become a movie... rated 'T' for Truth, and 'ER' for Emotional Rollercoaster.

ps. Yes, "life sucks pond water" (sometimes) and, through it all, you have shown us perseverance of Spirit. A remarkable journey indeed Sarah~
8 Judy Willis Winder
Location: Picayune,Ms

Monday 08/23/2010 21:37:30 CDT
Ga-Ga-Ji,I just finished your book last night.It was so very good.I normally don't read much,but could hardly put it down.I would suggest it to anyone.I love true stories.You've been through a lot.I'm so sorry.Love you lot's.Judy 6(^)6
7 Judy Winder
Location: Picayune, Ms

Friday 08/20/2010 08:17:57 CDT
Hey Dear One,Got the book today.Thank you so much.The cover is BEAUTIFUL!!Looks just like you.I will read a little along.I can't sit still long enough to read it all at one time,even though I know it will be good.I've already read My Darling goes home.It really tore me up.The tears came.I know it was the worse thing you've ever went thru.I hope I never have to face that.I'm so sorry you did.Take care and know that you're in my thoughts and always have been.Keep up the good work.I hope this book will be a best seller.You deserve it for all your hard work.Don too!!! I love you lot's,Judy
6 Jordan banish

Sunday 08/01/2010 12:03:04 CDT
:DD 6(^)6 :lol: b(^) :)) :P( :P| :P) 8-D i love this website so much and i love the person who write it