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"Twisted hair"  by Robbie Robertson and the Red Road Ensemble from Music for the Native Americans


Ga-Ga-Ji, [Sarah Northcutt-Harvan] is of Cherokee, Blackfoot, British and Irish decent. An international speaker, teacher and ceremonialist, she holds a Master’s degree in Metaphysics and a PhD in Metaphysical Counseling.

Author of “Heart Of the Hawk,” her experiences in past lives with the ghost of Grandfather Thundering Elk, Ga-Ga-Ji is also a landscape and wildlife artist, color consultant, Results System therapist, mystic and published poet.

Her poetry can be seen in, “Feeding The Ancient Fires,” an anthology of Native American writers in N.C, edited by poet, Marijo Moore. Contact Renegade Publishing in Asheville, N.C. for copies.

Residing in Durham, N.C. with Don, her husband, Ga-Ga-Ji has mothered three children; Diana Dea Peterson, Wade Develle Anderson, and Brett Matthew Anderson, and is Grandmother to four granddaughters, Jordan, Taylor, Callie and Whitney and a grandson, Hunter Dakota.

Ga-Ga-Ji does Life readings from an oracular system (The Order of the Magi) that dates back to the temples of Egypt. Kept secret by its Brotherhood to protect its knowledge, it has now been released for this healing period in history.

The Order of the Magi helps people see themselves clearly and it clarifies the paths they’ve chosen to walk towards attaining wholeness. Readings are lengthy and holistic. For information and rates, please contact her at: sjharvan@nc.rr.com.