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This song is the essence of truth

regarding your journey with Spirit.
Listen and learn.  It is by The Fairfield
Four, from the album from "O Brother,
where art Thou"











Phaedra / Flavia

Bobby Jo

Heart of the Hawk

and a Host of Others hang out here. 

Each of these and many other

folks tell their stories on these pages. We hope you enjoy them.

A Letter from Ga-Ga-Ji to Neophytes:

Dear Initiate,

      So...you think you want to grow...spiritually.
Well, don't expect a sweet, rose-strewn garden here.
Instead, you'll find rugged crags, noisy psych wards, emotional avalanches and visits to the void.

      Oh, you'll perceive lots of energies.
But they won't be recognizable and you won't have words to describe them.  If you come back. Because they can't exist...here.

     And don't expect contentment, balance, peace or laughter.  The world of Spirit has obtuse laws and arcane languages governing its Universes.  And those languages are ones your tongue cannot translate.

    And if you survive that walk out into the distant beyond;  and if you are given the permission to return to this planet; and if you bring back two brain cells to rub together;  do not think you can ever fit in...here...again. Because you've been where most of your kin will never go. And with no words of description, your heart, soul and lips must remain, forever sealed.

     Don't expect empathy or understanding either. There is none without 'knowing'.  With so few having gone where you've been, how could anyone understand?
without direct experience, how can knowledge or empathy be?

   That long, hard, rocky road, you will walk alone, sit alone, cry alone, wail and weep for all you once were...normal. But you, my child, will never again know...normal.  How could you, after breathing the rarefied ethers of the Divine?

   You have walked beyond the gates of this world and the vibratory rate of the frequencies...there, immediately erased all traces of you...here. Even your last footprints have disappeared.  That 'You' no longer exists anywhere. You Are No More!

   And nobody has the ability to see the new you. You exist on a wavelength undetectable to mortals. God help you, my child, for you are now the Phoenix, and having risen so high, you've disappeared into the stratosphere, never again to descend completely.

  Try as you might, you don't fit in...anywhere. There is no place for you. You have no home...you are not human....you are not divine.  Lost and invisible, you shuffle between both worlds.

   Other humans do not want you. They fear what they don't understand and will shun it, while their prattle only aggravates and bores you with its meaninglessness.
You try on their lives, their causes, their clothes, their cares, but nothing fits you anymore.  You have grown to gargantuan proportions or shrunk into nothingness.
Either way, you can't, don't, won't, ever fit in again.

     And on the other side there is no body, limbs, mouth or tongue...only ears.  There you do not fit in either, because the new you cannot fathom...no-thing-ness.
Either place you find yourself, you're just a faceless stranger, stumbling through the dream-scape, searching for a home.

      Your home no longer exists.
It imploded, the moment you set your foot...upon that Ancient Path.