"The Spanish Plain" by Paul Adams from A View from the Plains

    This is an introduction to the world of Kundalini - spiritual emergence and spiritual crisis and to many characters that have been associated with this journey.
"Seared by the Serpent.  The Dance of Enlightenment"  ISBN 978-0-557-25336-4 is the complete story of this path.

Table of contents


Part One  Spiritual Emergence

Divine Mother Speaks, The Silence Is Broken

The Stage Is Set

Heavenly Flames

Mississippi Mudcats Moan

God Comes In A Cloud

I Meet The Master, Jesus

When The Student Is Ready, The Teachers Appear

The Stage Is Re-Set: My Soul Mate Enters

The Stage Becomes Literal

Saved By The Spirits

Healing Begins, God Performs Miracles

I meet Ultra

The Super Conscious Speaks Through Dreams

Dreams: More Clues To the Kundalini

Death Comes Calling

Mother Kundalini Rises

I Hear The Holy Sound

I See The Light

After Effects Of The Light

Losing My Best Friend

Kundalini Nurtures And Chastises

I Touch Madness

Extraterrestrials Come Calling


Baptism By Fire


Part Two   From Spiritual Emergence To Emergency

Settling in

I Meet My Totem

Return of the Aliens


Enter Agent 008

Meeting The Kundalini Master

Kundalini Turns Deadly

Sexual Assault

Pre-Rebirthing Pains

Spiritual Emergency

Life Saving Encounters

Spiritual Birthing Labor

Spiritual Afterbirth

The Psychiatric Ward

Inside The Psych Ward

Healings On The Psych Ward

Saved Again

Becoming A Cosmic Excalibur

Attunement To The Cosmic Goddess

I Meet Lord Shiva

The Divine Child Is Born

Grandfather Thundering Elk

Mother Azulu Brings Homer

Wandering Wind

Healing The Wounded Child

Pookie’s Flossifee

The Holy Bible

Kundalini Becomes Mother

Wandering Wind Brings Medicine Power

Coming Home

Mystical Sedona

Facing Fears

Writing With Grandfather

Confronting The God Concept

My first Flock

Shamanic Journeying

Shamanic Dreaming

Journeying alone

Shamanic Healings

The Animals Heal Glaucoma

Big Mama Maamu

Meeting Don’s Mistress

Homer Goes Home

Part Three   Return To The Self

Moving On Up

Murder and Mayhem

The Black Madonna

Reclaiming The Selves

The Ocean Of Bliss

Becoming Grandmother

My Darling Goes Home

The End


Appendix   125 Things To Do In A Kundalini Crisis